Management Philosophy

Vision: To become a garments manufacturer of creative design – not dependent on buyers choice only, rather can amaze the buyers with own creations.

Objective: The objective of Apparel Division is to attain and maintain the current International standard and pursue for exceeding the regional standard in all respect.

Philosophy: In order to attain the objective, philosophy of the Apparel Division is to effect a Total Quality Management (TQ). The quality to be achieved not only in the production output standard, but also in the ‘Compliance’ Aspect. A supportive model of management system is to be implemented to make employees own the companies and feel homely while at work.

Code of conduct: In pursuance of achieving the excellence, the companies of apparel division is committed to respect the following code of conduct:

  • The companies shall run the operations in full compliance with the existing laws. Rules, regulation and the norms.
  • The companies shall show full respect to the aspects of citizenship responsibilities and shall not agree to any business where these responsibilities are ignored.
  • The companies shall reject the use of child labor or forced labor.
  • The companies shall not accept any form of discrimination whatsoever.

The companies shall focus their maximum to the environment preservation aspect. Raw materials, chemicals and the processes used for production as well as the waste coming out is treated in a manner that best protects the environment. Their no action in any way should become a treat for maintenance of a high standard of healthy and risk-free environment. The companies also expect all associated with them in the related fields to follow the same and thus make the sector a citizen – friendly business environment.

Specialties and Standard

The Garments manufacturing units are producing a variety of high qualities woven items. Using modern machinery along with the guidance and assistance of foreign experts, the factories have reached at the TOP END in items of quality. As a result, the products have found access into Europe market. To achieve the international standard, initiatives and measures that have been taken are given in the succeeding paragraphs.

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